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Welcome to Mindful Consumption

Mindful Consumption (MiCO) is a reminder to be kind to yourself we believe having a healthy relationship with yourself is key to a wellness lifestyle. We are about inspiring wellness from the inside out. By giving your body the nourishment it needs for you to thrive at your best self.


Ingredients made with the intention 

We offer slow-pressed organic juice made to order always fresh. 


Made with love

We are driven by passion, excellence, and our love for creating a better tomorrow. 

Cleanse 1:

3 Revive 

+1 shot 

Cleanse 2: 

3 Rooted 

+1 shot

Cleanse 1:

3 Flow

+1 shot


Start your day with our green Juice crafted with seasonal greens for vital nourishment.


 Energy-boosting, hydrating, cleansing, and aids in digestive health


Made with beets a natural nitrous oxide, causing blood vessels to temporarily enlarge and deliver more oxygen to every body organ, including the brain.

The ideal juice to drink if you're experiencing a mid-day burnout or need a boost right before the gym.


Made with Golden Beets and other veggies to help with inflammation and detox the body to glow and flow. Crafted to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation pain and improve skin health. 

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